Correspondence Management
Correspondence Management

docuTRAK is one of the leading functionality rich correspondence management solutions in the market.

It helps organizations of any size automate registration of incoming and outgoing documents and routing of documents paper-based as well as electronic into processes in an ad-hoc and non-structured manner.

It provides organizations with the highest levels of operational efficiency, visibility and accountability.

docuTRAK features

docuTRAK features 3 main modules that can be configured to suit your various needs:

Document Registration Module (DRM)

Provides out-of-the-box functionalities to register and manage document-based records. It enables record registration using custom defined registration schema by any authorized user within the organization. In addition, DRM enables registration by a central records office as well as multiple sub records offices within the organization

Document Workflow Module (DWF)

Offers human-centric and comprehensive document workflow functions that is built on ad-hoc non-structured routing based on the organization structure hierarchy. It enables real time tracking of every task's status, and has built-in functions such as Assign, Consult and Conditional Routing, In the DWF module, a user can send cases to individual users based on their job function, to pre-defined committees, and to a pre-defined pool of users who share a common inbox.

Document Broadcast Module (DBC)

Provides the facility of automating the distribution and acknowledgement of regulatory or general reference documents based on user defined or previously set distribution rules. DBC also provides online monitoring capabilities for the broadcast initiator with easy to read pie charts. In addition, DBC makes all documents previously acknowledged by a user available in a personal reference library.

Besides the 3 main modules explained above, docuTRAK includes an add-on for offline secure document access and signing on an iPAD device. This is provided through tight integration with the iApproval App.

Moreover, docuTRAK can be installed as an independent application or integrated with DocuWare EDM or Microsoft SharePoint.

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